Hi! I’m Jordan. Something to know about me is that I’m all about creativity, until it comes to my own…

This is a project to unravel the ideas in my head that I have had no reason to create besides them being what I was made to do and become.

Now that I’m bought in on all of these “things” coming to life, this site is a glimpse into the process of those things. It’s a glimpse of the ideas swirling and also the resistance that life brings to see them through.

I’m a mom to 3 cutie girls! Heartlynn-7, Jovie- 4, Rosen-1.5 and I have a super organized tech savvy husband named Jaymes which I’ve been married to for 11 years!

Dreamlife. Mainly because I have beautiful inspiration at my disposal through my kids and a husband to help get me unstuck when I can’t make sense of the internet things.

Those seem to be the basics of what I need to help me through this life so far!

I’m grateful to get to share any of my moments, good, bad and ugly and I hope you find something here along the way that encourages you to dream again.