I’m Jordan!

Who am I and what the heck am I doing??

I’m a girl who isn’t alive unless I’m inspired or inspiring. 

To be fully myself I need to be able to laugh at what I want, write when I have a great thought, and be growing in some capacity.

I’m knit together from creative ideas.

My mind won’t let me go without thinking “I should make that…”
whether it’s a song, a picture, a table setting, a business venture, video, piece of clothing, poem, my brain moves constantly in new sets of ideas.
I held most of that creativity close and didn’t let it venture out too far. But this is a new season for the 80% of myself I wouldn’t let wander to go free.

I love southern made white gravy and also refried beans and rice. There are also lot’s of thoughts on health and wellness that do drive me to eat other things most of the time. 

I’m a wife to a charming man who leads a team of engineers, their names are Heartlynn, Jovie and myself, Jordan. Oh, also he has a job at a really cool company that he leads guys who code stuff. 

I’m funnyyyy.

I’m a mom to two girls who are actually really cool kids and I actually like them. Wow. 

It’s a Christmas miracle! 

I have spent the last 5+ years focused on being raised as a mother, not necessarily focusing 

on raising kids. I can spill my guts on that later!

I like what kind of mom I am which is not a popular trend of thought right now. I feel confident that God had a very specific reason why he put us all together. That has formed over time an it’s been a nuts journey to fully surrender my agenda for God’s in all of these child bearing years and wifehood.

Awhile back God whispered to me to “build my boat” in this next season and then I would be able to properly steward my girls for years to come in the way my heart desires to see them stewarded.

That’s a really hard thing to figure out how to do in this day and age. 

SO, my number one priority in life right now is letting God teach me, mold me, push me, and instill in me rhythms & disciplines to create space for my heart and who he has called me to be first before any other role. 

And surprise! You are now going to get to be part of that process! Whoop! 

Say a prayer, send me a note, ask me a question. I’m past the hesitation and I’m now very excited to share my creative process with you and everything I’m learning! 

Cheers to you being here for this!